Tommy Vitaly
Just Me
Style: Guitar-oriented Power Metal
Release date: September 10th 2010
Playing time: 36:51

"Just Me" is the first solo foray of Tommy Vitaly, otherwise guitarist of Italian Power Metal band Seven Gates. The album is an (almost) instrumental affair with its music clearly influenced by the like of Yngwie Malmsteen and Artension.

I certainly enjoyed "Just Me", even though I was sometimes irked by its lack of originality. For example 'Fly High, Touch the Sky' sounds a lot like Helloween's 'Eagle Fly Free', 'Ready To Die' seems to be (to my ears, at least) the doppelgänger of Iron Maiden's 'Fear of rhe Dark'... get the idea! Sometimes the musicianship is so good that this parallelism didn't bother me - for example 'Storm of Fire' sounds like Malmsteen playing Classic Rock and is one of the album's better tracks. Similarly, 'Passion' is a Gary Moore-style blues number which Mr Vitaly plays with an incredible amount of... well...passion.

There's also a version of Bach's 'Air on a G String' - a tune that has been recorded by many other Metal guitar virtuosos, such as Uli Jon Roth and Yngwie Malmsteen. Quite frankly, Tommy Vitaly's rendition is not the best one I've ever heard. But there are several tracks into which the listener can immerse himself - for example apart from those already mentioned, I also liked the ballad 'Eternal' which is done entirely on piano.

"Just Me" is yes the album title of Tommy Vitaly but there's also a mouth-watering line-up of musicians who participate. This includes Mistheria, Vitalij Kuprij, bassist Andrea Torricini (Wonderland, ex Vision Divine, ex-Shadows Of Steel), David Shankle and Rhino (these last two respectively ex-Manowar guitarist and drummer). There's also Thomas Vikstrom (Therion, ex-Candlemass, Brazen Abbott) who sings in the album's only 2 vocal tracks: ‘Fly High, Touch the Sky’ and ‘Ready to Die’.

All in all "Just Me" contains some good music with Tommy Vitaly's guitar having a great vibrant sound. Worth checking out.


01. Just Me
02. The Raven Attack
03. Fly High, Touch the Sky
04. Air (Theme by J.S. Bach)
05. Storm of Fire
06. Passion
07. Ready to Die
08. Finally Free
09. The Fury
10. Eternal
11. Just Me (Orchestral Version)

Label: Ice Warrior Records
Distribution: Rock It Up Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: November 8th 2010