Nero Enigma
Style:  Doom Metal
Release date: April 2nd 2010

Nero Enigma is the fifth studio album by Italy's masters of DOOM, Thunderstorm. I believe that they have grown stronger and stronger with each album, and "Nero Enigma" cements that theory.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because this album just rips.  You can hear all the major influences on "Nero Enigma"; Sabbath, Candlemass, etc. But the one thing that makes "Thunderstorm" stand out from the rest is their ability to speed things up a notch. Actually bordering on power metal a tad, but with heavy doom guitar riffs. Just awesome stuff!!!!

If you haven't heard of Thunderstorm and like traditional epic doom metal, go buy any of their albums you won't be disappointed.

01. Nero Enigma
02. When April Dies
04. 5025
05. Shallow
06. The Trial of Life
07. Mechanical Delights
08. Monologue
09. Modus Operandi
Label: Audioglobe
Promotion: Metal Blade Records
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: April 23rd 2010