This or the Apocalypse
Haunt What's Left
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: July 7th 2010

The new album of This or the Apocalypse contains all the new tendencies of the American extreme (and not so extreme) scene. The exceptionally precise and perfectly balanced recording underlines the melody which should be in the basis of the recognisibility of each song. Naturally, the hardcore influences are softened and they appear in the still aggressive style of the vocalist’s harsh singing.


There is not much metal in the photo sessions of the band. I mention this because in their music there is something as if coming from a college of the state administration. NWOUSHM influences in the style of LAMB OF GOD are melted with an old EMO-feeling of lament (Who could believe it before?), and with some LIMP BISKIT rapping. At moments the vocal line is becoming softer and This or the Apocalypse sound in the frames of post-metal as NICKELBACK. The producing put serious bridles to each tide of aggression of the band. And it seems that the members of the band have no energy for protest.


The artwork also is remarkably tamed. It reflects in a proper way the approach of the album. The parents would not be embarrassed if their children listen to This or the Apocalypse. Although there could be heard some energy and frankness in the songs, they sound as a swearing of the British Queen.


This is modern metal in the full sense of the concept. Although the songs are impressive and remembering there is still a lack of this ability which should impart them something unique. It is because besides all the mentioned comparisons This or the Apocalypse will catch the ear of the fans of DISTURBED and EVANESCENCE. This free performance with the elements of the modern metal scene makes me think that after time the guys will say “We were young and we had some fun!”


The European bonus track is one idea heavier and faster. The riff is more thrash and the aggression is let outside. At the same time it reminds the songs from the first album of the band. This or the Apocalypse are tamed conventional extremism with their own face and perfect sound.


01. Charmer 

02. Subverse

03. The Incoherent 

04. Lamnidae

05. Hellish 

06. Toro

07. Backlit 

08. Hayseed

09. Deadringer 

10. Revenant

11. Bravado

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: June 1st 2010