The Retaliation Process
Style: Death Metal
Release date: February 26th 2010

The Retaliation Process is an eclectic band. Their music, their vision, their logo and their cover are eclectic as well. The newest tendencies in the extreme metal are well known to them. The Eclecticism is a part of this modern crossover sound, which in the work of The Retaliation Process meets Machine Head with the new stuff of Disbelief. The guys are far from revolution although the band is at high level original.  


As it is known in the modern bands music the thrash/death hardcore is mixed with some melodic moments, which import the necessary portion of Swedish fragrance. We can hear clear vocals, most strongly expressed in the eight track “On the Way Back”. If we imagine that Nickelback would murder their families and the half of the neighbourhood as well, they probably would have written a similar song before that. There is a honeyed instrumental as well. As a whole the dynamic songs enter in somewhat scheme and its faster parts are rather undiversified. I cannot omit two things which correspond with the music of The Retaliation Process.  First, it seems that their logo is scribbled by somewhat angry football fan; and second – the cover artwork is more proper for some depressed and hopeless Led Zeppelin.


This debut will please all into modern metal! The sound is clear with samples at some places – this is the music of XXI century. The hardcore prevails over Swedish death metal. Here we have variegated and intelligent seeking without any messianic pretentions. It is demonstrated excellent potential more than skilful songwriting.


01.  Uprising

02. Blindfolded

03. Four Seasons of Self Mutilation

04. Bridge end…

05. …Prozac

06. Carnal addiction

07. Down

08. On the way back

09. Written in red ink

10. Uncertain

Label: Gordeon Music
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: April 12th 2010