We're Here To The End
Style: Alternative
Release date: November 5th 2010
Playing time: 122:00

Aaah, the memories. Summer 1998. Ozzfest in Milton Keynes in England. Therapy? are along with Foo Fighters and Pitchshifter the most alternative offerings on this day where the company otherwise comprises of Slayer, Pantera, Entombed, Ozzy and Black Sabbath among others. I remember falling asleep during Foo Fighters (I'd driven down from Scotland during the night with my two mates) and thus got the 20 minutes of sleep I needed to get through the rest of the night. Pitchshifter didn't do much for me, but Therapy?, man, they impressed.

And since I'd first heard them on record, they impressed. Clearly not a metal band, the three Irishmen was a true surge of power, nay, a tidal wave of power, energy incarnate. I remember one of my mates summarizing a gig at the Roskilde Festival years back. 'One of them had to step aside and puke! They gave themselves that much!' Needless to say, this mate of mine was practically beaming and really impressed.

It was therefore like a call from the past when I out of the blue had the opportunity to review this double live album. I've been away from Therapy? for years, admittedly, and haven't followed what they've done since...huh, end of the nineties. You know, there have been other priorities. But when listening to this recording from the band's 20th anniverary gigs in London earlier this year, I can only conclude that the trio is still very much a force to be reckoned with. The joy of revisiting Screameager, Neck Freak, Knives, Teeth Grinder and the über-hit Nowhere is endless. A bit like coming home, it is.

The newer material, well, I don't know it, and thus the pleasure of recognition is not there, but I can hear how the energy is equally there and how this band lives to play it all live.

James Joyce is fucking my sister! What can I say?! A must-buy for fans of Therapy? and a real treat for the rest of us who like a bit of high energy alternative guitar rock every now and then as an alternative to death/thrash/black metal or whatever it is we do mostly. Nice one!


1. Screamager
2. Sister
3. Turn
4. Enjoy The Struggle
6. Stories
7. Meat Abstract
8. Exiles
9. Skyward
10. Moment Of Clarity
11. Sprung
12. Neck Freak
13. Diane
14. Potato Junkie
15. Dancing W Manson
16. If It Kills Me
17. Rust

1. Nausea
2. Knives
3. Nowhere
4. Evil Elvis
5. Epilepsy
6. Rain Hits Concrete
7. Our White Noise
8. Opal Mantra
9. Fantasy Bag
10. Church Of Noise
11. The head That Tried To Strangle Itself
12. Polar Bear
13. Crooked Timber
14. Punishment Kiss
15. Trigger Inside
16. Innocent X
17. Die Laughing
18. Isolation
19. Teethgrinder


Label: Global Music
Distribution: Global Music
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 17th 2010