The Argent Dawn
A Blank Eternity
Style: Death Metal
Release date: February 22nd 2010

Let there be no doubt that the young folk of The Argent Dawn play with conviction and measures of brutality. The Brits haul us through 10 tracks of death metal massacre. The sources of inspiration are what I like to think of as the straight-forward death metal bands like Aborted and Decapitated.

'A Blank Eternity' is executed perfectly; technically great and the brutality, as I said, is ever-present.

The Argent Dawn is a very, very promising lot, that is obvious, but what I miss on their debut is a track or two that stand out. The 'wow' effect is not really there and that comes down to something as basic as song writing.

This is a fine album, but the element that triggers the final step that turns an album into a masterpiece is missing.

Nice one, though - go listen on the band's MySpace.


01. A Blank Eternity
02. Carving Our Path
03. The End
04. Soul Infection
05. Earth Angel
06. Veil of Disgust
07. World of Hate
08. Shadow of Intent
09. Monotonous Anguish
10. Shwatguns

Label: Rising Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Thomas Nelsen
Date: February 7th 2010
Website: The Argent Dawn @ MySpace