The Ocean
Style: Progressive / Atmospheric Sludge Metal
Release date: November 22nd 2010
Playing time: 50:13

Frankly I have been very much in doubt how to review this album. The music of The Ocean is always very interesting and intriguing in many ways and this album is no exception. My doubt lies in the fact that even though I really like what I hear when I am listening to the album nothing really stays with me, nothing is really memorable. So with that in mind the album still gets a very good mark, but not as good as it would have gotten if it had grown on me.

To describe the music of The Ocean is rather difficult as well, since a lot of styles and genres are mixed into something that is difficult to categorize but at the same time has a coherent feel. “Anthropocentric” is a tad heavier sounding than its predecessor “Heliocentric” that is reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Fans of the band will almost certainly enjoy this as will people with a taste for the unpredictable.


01. Anthropocentric
02. The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov baseness
03. She Was The Universe
04. For He That Wavereth...
05. The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts
06. The Grand Inquisitor III: A Tiny Grain of Faith
07. Sewers Of The Soul
08. Wille Zum Untergang
09. Heaven TV
10. The Almightiness Contradiction
11. The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption
 [vinyl/deluxe digipak bonus]


Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: November 15th 2010