The Morphean
Enter the Illusion
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: June 4th 2010

First full-length album from melodic death metallers THE MORPHEAN and a quite enjoyable one if you ask me. But thereís still room for improvement... especially when it comes to the choruses.


Most of the songs are on the exact same level, even though that that the level is quite high. They certainly donít need to hide from the more established act in this genre... even though that they are repeating themselves on a few tracks. But I still miss a hammer-chorus.


When it comes to the music it selves, Iím quite impressed. The riffing and the runs are great and both aggressive and hard yet quite melodic. Especially track 4 ďAberrationĒ  is fucking great. The song contain a riff very similar to what VADER, AEON and JUNGLE ROT can come up with. This track floored me the very first time it was thundering out of my hard-tried speakers I can tell you that. Clever music with a sting in the tail.


The production is also quite good and I canít see any reason for genre-fans not checking this album and band out now.


Thatís all folks!


01. Enter the Illusion

02. Cold Autumn Nights

03. Halo

04. Aberration

05. Hallowed Aeon

06. Slavery

07. The Burning Truth

08. Bloodied Passion

09. Uncovered Faces

10. Casket

11. Godless Sensation

Label: Refused Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 10th 2010