The Kandidate
Until We Are Outnumbered
Style: Thrashcore
Release date: January 29th 2010

Jacob Bredahl is finally back where he belongs, namely behind the microphone. He's a wonderful front man and shouldn't hide behind a guitar like he's done in Last Mile and various of the other attacks on our senses he's been part of.

The Kandidate (formerly The Downward Candidate) has a past of fine music, but this seems to be the release that will get them out to a bigger audience.

The material on 'Until We Are Outnumbered' is not a far cry from HateSphere's, without being a clone, though. What the two bands have in common is the mixture of hardcore and thrash, with The Kandidate aiming, not surprisingly given Bredahl's other projects, more at the hardcore audience.

For me, it is, so to say, enough metal to be interesting, most audible in the down tempo parts of tracks like In Hell and the rocking groover We Conform to the Unrighteous. But hang on; try Give up all Hope also! The guitars sound like Entombed! Very neat detail, methinks! And isn't that Slayer rearing it's ugly head in The Kill? I think so. And S.O.D. in Enemy?

On the surface, a straight-forward thrashcore album, but if you give it more time, 'Until We Are Outnumbered' offers a lot of finesse among the cascades of brutality.

A by all means approved release.


01. Strength Through Diversity (3:16)
02. Give up all Hope (3:45)
03. Shut 'em Up (3:09)
04. Distress and Decay (2:16)
05. In Hell (3:45)
06. We conform to the Unrighteous (3:01)
07. Live a Lie (2:46)
08. The Kill (3:38)
09. Enemy (3:41)
10. Yours Truly (3:24)

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target Distribution (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 7th 2010