The Difference
When Light Uncovers Grey
Style: Heavy Power Metal
Release date: October 2009

There are not a lot of Belgium bands that can compete with The Difference. This record is of a high international standard and is an album that can easily compete outside their own country as well. Their debut 'Lost in Mass Confusion' was released in 2004 and this second one was worth waiting for. The album has been out for a while, but certainly deserves a review on our site.

From start they played a doomy style, but they have changed the tempo and over the years their style has become more of a dark melancholic style of power metal. You can still hear their doomy roots; it gives a dark touch to the music. Vocalist Gerd Hanssens has a very powerful voice that fits perfectly to this metal style; power, emotion and aggression, Gerd has it all. He does at times remind me of Jacobs Dream's first singer David Taylor and Machinery's Michel Isberg. His charismatic style is convincing. They have hired Jonathan Matthijs (Powerstroke) for the occasional grunting vocals (like in the song "Caught in the Middle") and he knows his job too.

Musically I think they are a kind of doomy mix of Iron Maiden, Evergrey, Crimson Glory, Jacobs Dream and Lefay. Threatening melancholic power metal with an emotional touch. The songs are rather catchy and the balladesk track "Dolor Aeturnus" is just one of the many highlights and with a lyrical concept about a schizophrenic individual, the whole package is complete. Dark emotional atmospheric music with dark lyrics.

If you still don't have this album at home, just don't wait any longer and support this band, they deserve it.


01. Confused

02. Into the Cold

03. The Attic

04. Dolor Aeturnus

05. Caught in the Middle

06. The Awakening

07. Inner Turbulence

08. Delirious

09. No Man's Land

10. Contemplation

11. Buried in the Past

Label: Battle Cat Producions
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: February 9th 2010