The Crown
Doomsday King
Style: Death Metal
Release date: September 27th 2010

The Crown is back with an album that will be liked by all the fans that loved 'Possessed 13'. In 2004, after 6 albums they threw the towel in the ring. About a year later they re-united, but due to circumstances it took some years to release this new album. One of them was that they needed to look for a new singer. With Jonas Stahlhammer they found a perfect follow up for Johan Lindstrand.

Jonas played in a band called Utumno and his sound and style doesn't differ a lot from Johan's. 'Possessed 13' was already a death/thrash granite and on 'Doomsday King' these Swedes continue with that style. You could probably say that there are even more thrash influences involved here. Slayer is a band they definitely are inspired by. More brutal thrash, less blast-beats, but still fucking heavy and overwhelming. Jonas vocals are rough aggressive thrash ones with an occasional grunt; they fit perfectly to the music. You could probably say that there is a bit more melody in the songs too.

"Angel of Death 1839", "Blood O.D." and "Soul Slasher" are songs that will give every death/thrash fan a hard one. The Crown is back and with this album they put themselves on the throne again and they deserve it to be the Doomsday Kings. A very welcome reunion.


01. Doomsday King

02. Angel of Death 1839

03. Age of Iron

04. The Tempter and The Bible Black

05. Soul Slasher

06. Blood O.D.

07. Through Eyes of Oblivion

08. Desolation Domain

09. From the Ashes I Shall Return

10. He Who Rises In Might - From Darkness to Light

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 2nd 2010