The Archetype
The Fallen Grace
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Release date: May 7th 2010

This Italian band is inspired by Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia and Death. Fragments of all these bands cannot totally be denied in their music. Besides that, you can expect lots of thrashy riffs too. The vocals change from low grunts into clean singing and with the clean singing we come to the weakest spot.

Although the grunts sound a bit forced too, the clean singing is far from pure and sounds annoying at times. Gianlucca Rossi should improve that on the next record. If he can accomplish that, the next album could be a real hammer. Musically the songs sound quite all right though. Take a song like the second song "Parasites" with its nice thrashy riffs is a fine example of an excellent song. Very surprising too is the track "Blinded by Sand", it starts as a real black-metal song changing into clean singing and death metal parts. Again the song subsides when the clean singing comes around.

The longest track "Twisted Visions" will be liked again by the general Opeth fan, but The Archetype has to improve a little to reach the same level. Sometimes I get the idea that the changing from heavy into clean more progressive parts is to forced too, if they can improve on that on their the next album, together with the clean singing parts, The Archetype will be a band to reckon with.


01. The Fall

02. Parasites

03. Ghost

04. Ethereal

05. Blinded By Sand

06. Twisted Visions

07. Rise Again

08. Memoria

Label: Lost Sound Records
Provided by: Gatti Promotion
Distribution: Vertrieb
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: April 30th 2010