Alive In Europe 2009
Style:  Hard Rock
Release date: April 23rd 2010

After 25 years, 12 albums, over 2,500 shows, over 16 million albums sold worldwide, Tesla is stronger than ever.

Alive in Europe showcases Tesla in their first "electric" live album to date. Recorded during their summer tour of Europe in support of their latest album  "Forever More". I'm not really to fond on live albums, but "Alive In Europe" has floored me. The new songs "Forever More, I Wanna Live, So What!! & Breakin Free" really blend in nice with all the old classics and you will be singing along before you know it.

The sound Tesla has on this album is supurb. Jeff Keith has never sounded better and it really sounds like he & the rest of Tesla for that matter are having a blast on stage. Alive In Europe is a real surprise to me. I wasn't expecting a "live" album to sounds this good & capture that pure energy & power that you only get from a live show..

Well done boys!!!!!!!!!

01. Forever More
02. I Wanna Live
03. Modern Day Cowboy
04. Heaven’s Trail
05. What a Shame
06. Shine Away
07. Love Song
08. What You Give
09. The Way It Is
10. Breakin’ Free
11. Hang Tough
12. So What!
13. Signs
14. Lil’ Suzie
15. Into the Now
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: March 24th 2010
Website: www.teslatheband.com