Memories of Things Unnecessary
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 2010

The term progressive metal is by no means covering the many aspects of Tears. This is so much outside the box with so many different influences that no label is sufficient, so let's just call it progressive and metallic because this starts and ends with metal and it is innovative.

The influences are as diverse and varied as the song titles are long and cryptic; raging from acoustic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, art rock and sound tracks plus a few more... They are really pushing the envelope here, creating a quite unique style and sound of their own. Some of the songs are actually pretty simple and straight-forward within the confines of Tears, and I think it is refreshing to hear a band believing in themselves and doing things their own way. Sure there are things that I would have preferred done differently, like the sound track soundscapes ending the EP, which I don't think add anything to the overall picture. But I respect their decision to show that side of the sound as well.

This is just an EP giving us a taste of what to expect when their debut album is released later on. So if you are up for a challenge, do yourself a favour and listen to this innovative new band.

01.Time Master (Radio) (2:28)
02. Things Imaginary (Radio) (3:05)
Time Master
03. Memories (0:55)
04. I Just Want to Forget (4:29)
Things Imaginary
05. A Childhood Dream (1:25)
06. A Hurtful Reality (3:54)
Trendy De-Commercialization
07. Sleeping Level 9, Hypnotic Patterns...
 Consuming Zombies (7:30)
08. Awakening, Products We Don't Need...
 Mindmanipulating Tactics of Greed (4:18)
09. Going Back to Sleep, This Time Free...
 A New Age Is Born...? (5:03)
Label: G Music/Sounix Music
Distribution: www.tearsband.com
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 15th 2010
Website: www.tearsband.com