Gravity of Light
Style: Progressive/Power Metal
Release date: April 23rd 2010

Long-time existing Finnish band Tarot was founded in the early '80s by the Hietala brothers, Marco (bass/vocals) and Zachary (guitar). Marco would later go on to play in Sinergy and the hugely successful Nightwish. But he always kept Tarot alive during breaks from his other bands by releasing some quality Tarot albums throughout the years.

They've only really achieved underground popularity in their native Finland, but because of Marco's tenure in Nightwish, Tarot's exposure is starting to broaden.

On their eighth album, "Gravity Of Light," the band continue their brand of Scandinavian power metal. The songs are mostly fast-paced and upbeat with keyboard textures added to the crisp riffing of Zachary. Utilizing layered vocals, lots of orchestration, and some splendid riffs, '"Gravity Of Light" is a great display of melody and musicianship.

Opener "Satan is Dead" is a glimpse of the brilliance that this band has achieved by doing metal their own way. Vocal-wise, Marco has a great power metal voice, but the gripes I've been reading about the album have been about Tommi Salmela's increased vocal duties. But I think the two vocalists work well together, as demonstrated on "Sleep in the Dark."

This is another quality album by Tarot, and it warrants repeated listens.

01. Satan Is Dead
02. Hell Knows
03. Rise!
04. The Pilot Of All Dreams
05. Magic And Technology
06. Calling Down The Rain
07. Caught In The Deadlights
08. I Walk Forever
09. Sleep In The Dark
10. Gone
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distribution: Nuclear Blast Records
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: May 2nd 2010
Website: www.wingsofdarkness.net