Mulmets Viser
Style: Folk Metal
Release date: March 26th 2010

Technically speaking, 'Mulmets Viser' is probably a much better and more mature album than its predecessor, 'Ravnenes Saga'.

It is also, however, less charming and not so much the fresh blast on the Danish metal scene as 'Ravnenes Saga'. I think the new Svartsot (only guitarist and main composer Cris J.S. Fredriksen remains from the line-up that gave us 'Ravnenes Saga') plays it safe and takes too few chances. There are fewer surprises and this is a shame.

That said, I still can't help loving what Svartsot does to bits.

The cheese factor is high, yes, I admit that, but in some instances the way the flute is integrated with the melodic almost-death metal of the Danes goes right in and make the hairs stand on my arm. This is a good thing.

New growler, the appropriately named Thor (!) Bager, is no real improvement from Claus who used to be behind the mike, but he does a fair job by all means.

I'm not sure this album will win over new fans for Svartsot, but old approvers shouldn't be too disappointed.


01. Aethelred
02. Lokkevisen
03. Havfruens kvad
04. Højen på glødende pæle
05. På odden af hans hedenske sværd
06. Laster og Tarv
07. Den svarte sot
08. Kromandens datter
09. Grendel
10. Jagten
11. Lindisfarne
12. I salens varme glød

Label: Napalm Records
Distibution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 20th 2010