Svart Crown
Witnessing the Fall
Style: Black Metal / Death Metal
Release date: October 25th 2010
Playing time: 46:01

SVART CROWN is a fairly new band from France. With 1 full-length on their back they've managed to get themselves signed to Listenable Records (Gojira, Hate, ex-Immolation) with their mix of blackmetal and deathmetal. "Witnessing the Fall" is the title of their upcoming album, which will see the light of day October 25th.

After giving "Witnessing the Fall" quite a few spins I must say that some of the initial flaws I found evened themselves out when taken into contrast with the whole general style of the album. "Witnessing the Fall" has a very distinct and rough sound which then mixed with melodic and atmospheric songs makes it all comes together quite nicely. The songwriting ensures the album a great deal of potential and there's also no doubt at all that albums like Immolation's "Unholy Cult", Morbid Angel's "Altars Of Madness" and probably quite a few Incantation-records have played a huge role in this band's existence - so if you're a fan of those three bands you probably won't be disappointed. But do expect a very rough sound!

SVART CROWN will surely become quite a hit in the blackmetal community and the blackmetal-underground with "Witnessing the Fall" and combined with their will to push forward and the backing of their new label, I'm sure that we will have yet another album from these guys in no time. Rating will be done like so: Songwriting: 85/100 - Production: 70/100 - Musicianship: 70/100 - thus landing the score at 75 out of 100.

01. Where The Light Ends (1:43)
02. Colosseum (3:04)
03. Dogs Of Gods (4:17)
04. Nahash The Temptator (5:23)
05. Here Comes Your Salvation (3:45)
06. Into a Demential Sea (4:27)
07. An Eternal Descent (6:23)
08. Strength Higher Than Justice (4:00)
09. Incestuous Breath (4:51)
10. Of Sulphur And Fire (8:08)
Label: Listenable Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas 'Hotdogger' Egede
Date: October 14th 2010