Stranger Aeons
Style: Progressive Rock/Metal
Release date: February 26th 2010
Playing time: 64:20

The best metal band from Lithuania is: Stranger Aeons. Actually it is the only band I know. This progressive band with female vocalist Edita Burbulyte does a good job here. The vocals are not high opera-like ones, but normal and that is a big bonus. Musically there is enough adventure and variation not to fall asleep. The songs are rather long, but keep me focused and normally only good music and fine women do that.

Stranger Aeons is not a Dream Theater kind of progressive act, they are more influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath in the 70's and a lot of other (metal)-bands if you ask me. Of course they put in modern riffs and progressive influences, but they never sound like another well-known progressive act, they have a face of their own.

I could tell you something about every separate track, but I think you better experience them yourself, one of the heavier songs though is "Welcome to Your Humble Nightmare", which has nice guitar harmonies and heavy riffs and with an occasional harsh vocal part. The song "Melting Time" is a track that is sometimes heavy and then again very soft. As you can hear, variety is the key-word for this album, you never get bored.

I have no idea why we did receive this record just last month, it has been out for a while but it was still interesting enough to listen to and review it. If you don't own the album yet, you should certainly take a listen to some songs on the internet and decide if this is one for you. Progressive fans will find enough in the music to stay a few evenings at home, just with the headphone on the head.


01. We Are Here

02. White Noise

03. Intermezzo

04. The Master

05. Welcome to Your Humble Nightmare

06. Melting Time

07. Why Raise Them?

08. Neverending Lie

09. Lost

Label: Ledo Takas Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 21st 2010