Stolen Memories
The Strange Order
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: October 10th 2010
Playing time: 58:37

In 2007 the brothers Brun (Guitar &.Drums) formed the base of an instrumental project which lately grows in the progressive metal band STOLEN MEMORIES. The band quickly ripens to record album and to present its debut.


The ghost of DREAM THEATER is not the most positive in the music of the five guys. In the brilliant as a quality sound each instrument lives its own life and clearly contributes to the whole picture of compositions. The keyboards are also underlined and you can hear them more than we are used to listen in the other bands' music, even in the prog gender. However this is not obstructive for the guitar to shine. As a whole the middle tone register dominates and the result is that the bass is lost. The clean vocals are entering precisely in the music painting. Although the tones are the right ones, the voice of Najib does not have intensity. Besides this could be a problem of a live show, this particular fault is the reason for the message of the songs not to be presented expressively enough.


Frequently the rhythm is enriched with nonstandard approaches and composing which is far from the standard one. The guitar and the keyboards partner of equal value and they succeed to surprise each other. In some of the songs is included a dose of Orient references which bands with South-East location often borrow directly from the folklore. In the music of STOLEN MEMORIES they are not so intrusive.


Combining DREAM THEATER sound, Scandinavian precision and hints of folk elements, this French band could build a style of their own. The vocals are the weak point of the album. But this is a promising beginning!


01. Faces of Madness (06:30)
02. Days of Despair (06:57)
03. The Gift (08:53)
04. Painful Regrets (05:46)
05. The Mortal God (07:16)
06. Under the Rain (06:46)
07. Order of Sin (08:18)
08. My Last Resort (08:05)

Label: Pervade Productions/Manitou Music
Distribution: Underclass
Promotion: Epiphora Productions
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: December 11th 2010