Concerto for the Undead
Style: Horror Metalcore
Release date: April 30th 2010

Usually, when I review CD's, it takes at least five listens or so for me to make sure what I think. Other times it takes 15 spins before things fall into place, and in some instances, one or two listens suffice in order to gather a standpoint.

I remember sitting at Manchester Airport at some point in 2008. I had plenty of time before my flight to Denmark, equipped with my faithful laptop and Stigma's 'When Midnight Strikes!'. Then and there, it took me only one and a half rounds with the album to appriciate that what I had there was a concrete solid, tight album with loads of power and brutality.

The gory concept is still part of Stigma's expression. The horror theme has become their way, and it's a fine way to set themselves apart from the rest of the metalcore hordes out there.

Musically, the Italian quartet have a lot in common with Heaven Shall Burn and Maroon, which, of course, is not at all a bad thing. Straight out metalcore is not really interesting in anyone's book these days; it's only when elements of melody and harmonies are mixed with tight and powerful metalcore/hardcore that it really works. And that Stigma masters.

Recommended for fans of metalcore that wants to be more than just that.


01. Chop His Head Off!
02. Prove You Are A Man
03. ...And They Died Happily Ever After
04. A Monstrous Feeling
05. The Undertaker
06. What About a Terror Ride?
07. 3000 Years and Still Keeping it Real
08. A Grave Situation
09. Beat Me Maestro, Eight to the Dead!
10. Doctor Skeleton

Label: Pivotal Rockordings
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 30th 2010