Steve Saluto
Style: Melodic Blusey Rock and stuff
Release date: December 12th 2009

Steve Saluto is an Italian guitarist that picked up his first guitar when he was 15. At first he played Jazz, but he took up playing rock when he heard the Eddie Van Halen solo in the Michael Jackson song “Beat It”.


‘Resurrection’ is his latest solo offering and it’s hard to put a label on his music. He’s everything in melodic rock, bluesy rock and funky rock. We get 16 songs that are very varied and Steve is a fabulous guitar player, that’s for sure, however the songs lacks a catchy chorus in my humble opinion. But do have in mind that I’m not home ground when it comes to bluesy and funky rock.


There are only a few tracks that I really dig. Album opener “Too Late”  and the excellent instrumental track “Train Jumpers”  and the laid back acoustic song “Birds”  are worth mentioning. It’s a pleasure to listen to a guitarist who really knows his way around an instrument, right?


There’s a special guest here on 8 tracks... namely Mr. Richie Kotzen and he’s doing a great job in my opinion.


Fans of bluesy and varied rock could give it a listen.


01. Too Late

02. Out Of Time

03. I Still Fail

04. Now I Know

05. Walkin'

06. One Life

07. Don't Waste Your Time

08. Rough Beat

09. The Right Man

10. Fly

11. Train Jumpers

12. Resurrection

13. You Show Me

14. Birds

15. I keep Waiting

16. Beautiful Silence

Label: Heart of Steel Records
Buy the music: Emmeciesse Music
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 10th 2010