Spock's Beard
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: August 30th 2010

Spock's Beard has decided a different approach with this album; I actually paid for this month's ago to help fund the recording and now have the finished product in my hands. Given the financial state of the world, a trend I think we will see more and more, and why not, it is easier to control and all revenues go straight into your own pocket. Now it's released on a regular basis in Europe thru Mascot Theories Recordings.

After Neal Morse left the band I have had the feeling that Spock's Beard has struggled to find their own identity, something I feel they have finally managed with this their tenth studio album, their best one since "Snow" (2002), which also happened to the last one Neal was a part of. I have been listening to this album constantly for the past three days, and this album has as much depth and complexity as their earlier work.

"X" is a progressive rock feast and reminds us of just how big an impact Spock's Beard has had on the progressive rock scene. The core trademarks are still very much present and their multi-facetted sound universe is ever expanding and I am sure this album will bring back many Spock heads that have been lost along the road because this is essential what Spock's Beard is all about.

A welcome return to former strength from one of the most influential progressive rock bands.

01. Edge of the In-between (10:30)
02. The Emporor's Clothes (5:52)
03. Kamikaze (3:50)
04. From the Darkness (16:36)
05. The Quiet House (9:03)
06. Their Names Escapes Me (8:57)
07. The Man Behind the Curtain (7:46)
08. Jaws of Heaven (15:47)
Label: Mascot Theories Recordings
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 27th 2010/July 22nd 2010
Website: www.spocksbeard.com