Split Heaven
Psycho Samurai
Style: Speed Heavy Metal
Release date: February 15th 2010

Split Heaven is a speed heavy metal band hailing from Mexico. Influenced from the 80es metal they combine the energy of the youth and the classic tradition of the old typical American style in the veins of Metal Church. Their album “Psycho Samurai” melts aggression and melodies to convince you once again in the power of this righteous music.


This album is the second full length release of the band after their self-titled debut in 2007. “Psycho Samurai” reveals the strength of a furious violence and a real metal madness with strong riffs and melodies of the well constructed songs. The voice of Eligio Valenzuela reminds a lot of the early Jon Oliva. It should be more refined in the future although I love his wild melodic singing. And the music evokes diverse memories from Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden and Anvil.   


These 11 tracks could charge you with endless energy. “Psycho Samurai” is quite entertaining for listening if you like the heavy metal of the 80es. The riffs and the lead guitar eruptions will catch your attention for sure. And the vocals will please you at a good level. This is old school heavy metal for old school metal fans!


Recommended songs are: “The Wizard”, “The Golden Times”, “My Souls Burns Forever”, and “Steel Live”. This kind of music will always remain, because the classic heavy metal has its place in the hearts of more than two generations. Give a listen to “Psycho Samurai” and you will return to the sparks of your youth’s dreams!


01. Forged by Steel (Intro)

02. Immortal

03. White Death

04. Psycho Samurai

05. The Wizard

06. Iron Witch

07. The Golden Times

08. Motorblade

09. My Souls Burns Forever

10. Steel Live

11. Split Heaven (exclusive bonus track)

12. Eternal Life (exclusive bonus track)

Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: January 14th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/splitheaven