Spartan Warrior
Behind Closed Eyes
Release date: May 1st 2010

The first incarnation of Spartan Warrior saw the light of day 3 decades ago from within a phenomenon that became known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. While surfing that wave, the band managed to release 2 albums which failed to promulgate their career and in fact they soon disbanded.

Now, 25 years after their previous release, Spartan Warrior release their 3rd full-length: "Behind Closed Eyes". The music ranges from poppyish Metal to more hard-hitting tunes with a few great riffs and a lead vocalist uncannily sounding like Ozzy.

It's immediately clear that the 1980's spirit of unpretentious Metal is ever so present in "Behind Closed Eyes" as it was in Spartan Warrior's incarnation of yesteryear. However, to be honest, there's little more than that. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of excellent tracks here (namely 'Loud 'n' Proud' and 'Last Man Standing') but I feel "Behind Closed Eyes" lacks an edge that would make you want to go back to it time and again.

At the same time if, like me, you're keen on the no-strings-attached 1980s genre of British Melodic Metal, then "Behind Closed Eyes" is one release you're bound to appreciate. Now wouldn't it would be interesting to see the band prove their mettle (or otherwise) in a 'live' setting...


01. Never Take Me Alive
Last Man Standing
Tear out Your Heart
Loud ‘n’ Proud
Behind Closed Eyes
As Good As It Gets
Walking the Line
Love’s A Game
Flesh And Blood

Label: Iron Age Records
Distribution: Plastic Head
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: June 13th 2010
Website: Spartan Warrior @ MySpace