Style: Modern Death Metal
Release date: May 7th 2010

Italian band Soulpit was formed in November 2004. After releasing the MCD 'Trapped into the Soulpit', this will be their first full-length. The band combines modern death metal/metalcore with more authentic hardrock inluences - sometimes it leads to strange combinations; like in the song "Close Distance Poem', the clean singing parts by Enrico Francescato make the song special, but the execution could improve.

The angry aggressive screaming vocals are average and you have to get used to the songs first before they stick. Another figurehead in the band is drummer Sebastiano Sartorello with his fast and variable (adhd) drumming. By using more hard rock influenced guitar solos in some songs, they differ from a lot of genre bands. The heavy death parts in the songs can be compared with a band like Devildriver, but by adding other influences and easy melodic parts they do create a very different overall picture. Female singer Antonello Buosi participates on the song "Ephemeral Need". Not a very good performance in my opinion, on every corner of the street you can find women that can achieve the same. If you want to use female singing, do it good, or don't do it!

The heavier parts are far from original, but by introducing influences of hardrock in their music, they differ just enough from the average modern death metal(core) bands. Otherwise this band would be completely redundant. No flop, but far from top.


01. Forming...

02. Reliance In Time

03. Close Distance Poem

04. Substance

05. Trapped Into the Soulpit

06. Carved

07. Ephemeral Need

08. Downfall In Empathy

09. Astray

10. I For Instinct

11. Reminiscence

Label: Sweet Poison Records
Provided by: Gatti Promotion
Distribution: Self/Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 2nd 2010