Species 2.0
Style: Trashy Melodic Rock
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 14:54

This Swedish band delivers a professional product. With 2 pages of info and even the lyrics printed out, they leave nothing to chance. First song "Species 2.0" opens in Grip Inc./Annihilator style and surprised me positively. However after 30 seconds the clean singing starts and the tempo goes down. Fortunately the thrash parts come back later on in the song, why not leave the melodic clean singing part out? 


Next song "Rawmance" has nothing to do with thrash and is a kind of 'heavy' epic ballad. I have no idea what the band wants, do they want to play thrash, modern melodic metal or ......... I liked the thrashy parts of the first song, the second track did not do much for me. Perhaps they are not signed yet because they are not transparant in style yet, too whimpy for thrashfans and too heavy for melodic hardrock fans? 


Time to be clear!?         


01. Species 2.0

02. Rawmance

03. Rawmance (radio edit)

Label: Self release
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 24th 2010