Metalkill the World

US Metal

date: August 6th 2010
Playing time: 50:41

After the first two albums "Legends of Valor" from 1998 and "Kings of the Universe" from 1999 I sort of lost track of Skullview from Indiana. But a third album "Consequences of Failure" was released in 2001 and in 2004 a 3 track demo was released, and then there was silence for six years. 

But now more than ten years after I lost trace of Skullview they are back with a vengeance.

"Metalkill the World" is the name of this new masterpiece. Imagine a fantastic mixture of NWOBHM and old school US metal and you got "Metalkill the World". 

If you are into old Iron Maiden, Tytan, Virgin Steele, Helstar, Jag Panzer etc., you will have to give tracks like 'Legions of the Star Scroll', the fantastic 'Metalkill the World' or 'Remnants of the Storm' a listen.

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01. Legions of the Star Scroll
02. The Bruise
03. Metalkill the World
04. Behind the Cell
05. Blind and Unconscious
06. Defiance, Desperation, Defeat
07. Remnants of the Storm
08. Privilege of Suffering

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by: Jorgen Ditlev
Date: October 6th 2010