Six Magics
Behind the Sorrow
Style: Power Progressive
Release date: February 6th 2010

When I am listening to the fourth album of Six Magics “Behind the Sorrow” in my mind obstructively appeared the memory of the Swedish power progressive band HOLLOW. Here we can also find melodic heavy metal colored with prog elements. The fast parts are full with strong riffs, which are calmed down by tender and melodic passages with an emphasized minority.


The music of Six Magics sounds complete. Probably because they have been a long time on stage they have a serious AOR thread. At first place it could be found in the vocals of Elizabeth. The vocals are melodic and without any needless tension or any overdoing in the higher parties. I do not want to load up her voice with comparisons not because they are not there but because the similar thing is mainly in the notes. The characteristic progressive getting down the halftones reminds me at times of The Gathering, Rush or even Journey.


The other more listenable element in the music of Six Magics is the “nailed” common measure rhythm. The drums are played perfect but you can find no fantasy or “breaking” of the rhythms. Even the last track “I Remember” with its academic decomposing of the rhythm is not saving us from this fact.  


The duel AOR/hard rock at places is on the edge to the wrong direction (we all know which it is…). But the grief is so underlined that if recently somebody broke your heart, your copy of the cover of the album will moisten with tears for sure. More than this each track following is becoming slower and with more tender moments.


Six Magics have created an extremely pleasant for listening album. But it is not like that if you are not in the proper mood. It will be a pleasure for me to listen to “Behind the Sorrow” in the autumn. But now I am going home to play SLAYEEER!!!


01. Run
02. Animal
03. Behind The Sorrow
04. Lies And Rules
05. Hands Of Time
06. All My Dreams
07. They
08. No Time To Grieve

09. It’s Not The Way
10. I Remember

Label: Coroner Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: April 12th 2010
Website: Six Magics @ MySpace