Sister Sin
True Sound of the Underground
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: July 23rd 2010

It is very hard not to mention Mötley Crüe when you are dealing with Sister Sin. They carry the torch of the 80s very high and their fast paced heavy metal with a slight sleazy side has so many similarities with early Crüe. The pace is a bit faster and the sound is more modern, but even the vocals of female vocalist Liv brings up some similarities with early Crüe.

But the connection to metal icons don't stop only there, no, on this album they have a strong Accept feel to the sound as well, and the cover version of U.D.O.'s "24/7" fits right in. This might sound like a strange brew and highly unoriginal, and it is to a certain degree... but they get by on pure power and energy, because this album sound so energetic and vibrant that you don't mind the strong influences one bit.

Sister Sin runs furiously thru eleven songs in less than 40 minutes, and here lies the biggest drawback; they need to change the pace more and make room for slower pieces here and there...

01. Sound of the Underground
02. Outrage
03. Better Than Them
04. 24/7
05. Heading for Hell
06. Stand Alone
07. Built to Last
08. The Devil I Know
09. Times Aren't A-Changing
10. Nailbiter
11. Beat Em Down
Label: Metal Heaven
Promotion: GerMusica
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: July 6th 2010