Scar Obscura
Style: Modern Heavy Metal
Release date: May 18th 2009

Why are we reviewing this one a year after it's been released? Because we just received it last month from the record company! Usually we don't review albums that are that old, because we have enough new albums to review every month, but for this one we make an exception. Just because it is a damn good album and it is worth reviewing.


This band hails from Northern Ireland and this is their debut album. It is a very mature one and a very modern one too. They are heavy, sometimes thrashy, then again very melodic and they use influences from several genres and bands. Musically they have links with Disturbed, Soil, Metallica, Therapy? and System of a Down. The vocals in the beginning of the song "Art of Seperation" sound even a bit James Hetfield-like and you can't ignore resemblances with System of a Down and Disturbed in several tracks. Several songs are rather up-tempo with groovy riffs and just at the right time they insert melodic and serene parts. Nevertheless they keep their own identity and the heavy melodic songs get better after each spin.


If the bands mentioned above are your favourites and you don't know this band yet, I recommend you to look for this album and I am almost sure you want to own it after listening to it. Probably you could say that this review is a day after the fair, but better late than never.


01. Perfect Denial

02. Metalbox

03. God Complex

04. Ultraviolent

05. Art of Seperation

06. Eviscerate

07. Rule As One

08. All New Revenge

09. Scar Obscura

10. Terminus

Label: Rising Records
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: June 9th 2010