The Day after Flower
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: December 4th 2009

"The Day after Flower" is the second outing from Italian band Sinestesia, and I must admit that I am unfamiliar with their debut album, so I can't tell how they compare.

First of all I think they are delivering a solid effort, both production- as well as music-wise. The songs are all well crafted and played, and there are small gems hidden in the songs, they are just not firing on all cylinders at the same time. Some parts work very well, and the overall impression is solid.

But they do wear their influences on the outside too often, and do lean too much towards their heroes (Kamelot, Symphony X & Dream Theater). Simply put: I miss some originality!

Next time around I hope they have moved out of the shadows and have grown into a more mature and original sounding band. For now we have to settle for an unoriginal, yet fine album with its dark and bright sides...

01. Hero
02. Feast
03. The Birth, the Death, Trance by the River
04. Burning Time (Never Forget)
05. Violet
06. C.W.A. Prelude
07. Cold War Apocalypse
08. Twilight
09. Memento
Label: Immaginifica
Promotion: Gatti Promotion
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 12th 2010