Silent Call
Style:  Melodic Progressive Metal
Release date: March 26th 2010

Following 2008's excellent "Creations from a Chosen Path" Sweden’s Silent Call has delivered their second album "Greed". Is it as good as "Creations..."? Well yes and no. I have had a lot of time to review "Greed" and it has taken me a long time to come to this (My) opinion of "Greed".
"Greed" is definitely a lot darker & heavier than "Creations...", but still has that lovely keyboard sound to it. The songs themselves vary in quality and this is where I get stuck on "Greed". The first 3-4 tracks get you in with great melodic progressive metal, along the lines of Symphony X or Threshold, but then I lose interest in the album until track 9 "When the Angels Call Your Name"; one of the best songs on the album. The music is epic and the chorus is catchy as hell... Now that does not mean that tracks 5 through to 8 are bad - they are just not of the same quality.
"Greed" has a very good sound backed up by a shit load of fantastic musicianship. Not all the compositions are great, but criticizing an album that sounds this good seems harsh. Silent Call has produced a real grower that needs time to be fully appreciated.

Silent Call is:  Andi Kravljaca - Vocals / Daniel Ekholm - Guitars / Patrik Törnblom - Keyboards / Tobbe Moen - Bass / Mikael Kvist - Drums

01. Every Day
02. I Am My Nation
03. Through The Endless Night
04. All That Might Be
05. Dream Tomorrow
06.Turn The Tide
07. Unbreakable
08. Falling From Grace
09. When The Angels Call Your Name
10. The Wages Of Greed
11. Clavain's Tale
Label: Escape Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: April 18th 2010