Sick Of It All
Based On a True Story
Style: NYHC
Release date: April 19th 2010

New York Hardcore with lyrics based on true stories about daily problems and frustrations. Indeed they are: Sick of it All. Their 2006 record 'Death to Tyrants' was very brutal and heavy, but not really what you would expect from them and certainly not easy listening stuff. With this new one they go back to their roots and all the fans that disliked the 2006 album will really fall again for this one.

The melody in combination with the aggression and the gang-singing choruses is back and the hardcore with metal influences is very catching. The production of Tue Madsen sees to a more thrashy and edgy sound and that works out well. The songs on the album are the catchiest ones they have written since 'Scratch the Surface'. These veterans show again that they are one of the leading HC acts at the moment. Fans will certainly start a pit and throw their fists in the air.

Fans of old-school NYHC know what to do on April 19th.


01. Death Or Jail

02. The Divide

03. Dominated

04. A Month of Sundays

05. Braveheart

06. Bent Outta Shape

07. Lowest Common Denominator

08. Good Cop

09. Lifeline

10. Watch it Burn

11. Waiting For the Day

12. Long As She's Standing

13. Nobody Rules

14. Dirty Money

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 24th 2010