Seventh Void
Heaven Is Gone
Style: Stoner Doom
Release date: November 26th 2010
Playing time: 42:19

Type-O-Negative members Kenny Hickey (guitars) and Johnny Kelly (drums) had formed Seventh Void about 5 years ago but it was only after the passing away of Peter Steele that they gave greater focus to their own band. Now, with guitarist Matt Brown and bassist Hank Hell in the band, Seventh Void release their debut album "Heaven Is Gone".

The music is a Stoner Doom that has the sombreness and nihilism of Type-O-Negative and the grungy anguish of Soundgarden. Another influence seems to be Pantera - no surprise here since it was Pantera's own Vinnie Paul who produced "Heaven Is Gone" and is throwing his weight in promoting the band. One example of Pantera's influence is 'Last Walk In The Light' which also happens to be one of the albumís strongest tracks. Interestingly, it is Kenny who assumes lead vocal duties with Seventh Void but to be honest his singing versatility is very limited and becomes tedious after a while.

Without a doubt, most Stoner Doom fans and fans of the above-cited bands will lap up this CD. Indeed it does have its moments but otherwise "Heaven Is Gone" struggles to leave a lasting impact. 

Footnote: The above artwork pertains to the "Heaven Is Gone" being sold in Europe. In USA, the album has a different artwork but both 'versions' are essentially the same album.


01. Closing In
02. Heaven Is Gone

03. The End of All Time
04. Broken Sky
05. Killing You Slow
06. Slow Descent
07. Shadow on Me
08. Drown Inside
09. Death of a Junkie

10. Last Walk In The Light

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: December 3rd 2010