Tears of White Roses
Style: Melodic Powermetal
Release date: November 19th 2010
Playing time: 47:22

Sebastian hails from the Czech Republic and for their debut album they entered the Grapow Studios and Ronald Grapow himself took care of the production. The songs are written and arranged by George Rain (vocals, guitars) and Andy Mons (guitars). The songs are melodic power metal songs with orchestral arrangements and excellent singing.

What else can you expect when Fabio Lione, Amanda Somerville, Doogie White, Mike DeMeo and Apollo Papathanasio helped out with the vocals. A lot of strong melodies and heavy riffs in Masterplan-style can be found on this album. I think that every Masterplan fan will like this record. Fabio Lione takes care of the vocals on the song "Dorian" and "Tears of White Roses" is taken to a higher level with help of the pipes of Mike DeMeo. The biggest problem the band has is that there are so many good records released in this genre. What can save them and probably will save them are the vocals. The songs are well arranged and written, but not special enough to really shine in the genre. Ronald Grapow gave the album a good sound and with the good singing the album will end just above the average melodic power metal.

An album that will certainly find it's way to the melodic power metal fan and Masterplan lovers.

Worth checking out!


01. Muse� du Satan Rouge

02. Femme Fatale

03. Dorian

04. Remiel In Flames

05. Tears of White Roses

06. Phoenix Rising

07. Voices In Your Heart

08. Fields of Chlum (1866 A.D.)

09. Lake Of Dreams

10. Silver Water

11. Black Rose - part I

12. Black Rose - part II

Label: Escape Music 2010
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 6th 2010