Painful Illusion
Style: Thrash
Release date: February 10th 2010

No, eventhough the association is there, Italian Scum have nothing to do with Napalm Death.

Scum play thrash metal with a slightly modern edge and judging by the images on the cover and the promo sheet, they're damn proud of it, too. There are touches of Sepultura and Pantera and a definite want to add some complexity to the music, which is of course fine.

Each and every song holds one or two cool or good ideas, but on the whole, exactly the songs have a hard time keeping me focused. Along with that, the production and mix of the 'Painful Illusion' lacks quality and never reaches above demo level.

Good, but not quite good enough.


01. Intro
02. Shame
03. Lullaby for a Sad Girl (pt. I)
04. Reborn Against All
05. War Time
06. Dark Hypnotic Evidence
07. Lullaby for a Sad Girl (pt. II)
08. Green Room (Bed No. 4)

Label: None
Promotion: Scum
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 27th 2010
Website: Scum@MySpace