Saint To Sinner
The Unveiling
Style: Rock/Metal
Release date: 2009

Self-released five-track EP "The Unveiling" by Rhode Island's Saint To Sinner blends hooks, harmonies and melodies with crunchy riffs. Their songs are aggressive but mixed with the melodic vocals of Desiree Villegas, which co-exist so well together. All the songs are slow to mid-tempo rockers with simplistic modern riffs that are heavy and clear. The band are accomplished musicians with decent chops, but it is Desiree's voice that is the main attraction on this album.

Opener "Fallen Generation" starts off with a crisp, crunchy riff with Desiree utilizing her range. The song continues with good harmonies and rough background vocals. This is a great song with variation and tempo changes. "Vindictive" displays some good guitar leads and gang vocals. "Careless" begins as a softer melodic testimony, then the chorus kicks in, which brings a little heaviness to it before shoehorning into sort of a spoken-word rap.

Saint to Sinner has a familiar sound, while still retaining their own identity. it's hard to pinpoint where their blend or influences are coming from, but it's a good combination that makes the songs flow nicely. The production quality is pretty good too. They just got a new distribution deal and a remixed release of "The Unveiling" will be distributed by Copro Records/Casket Music in Europe soon.

Overall, for an independent band's first EP, "The Unveiling" is a good start for Saint To Sinner.

01. Fallen Generation
02. Careless
03. Anti-Corporate
04. Vindictive
05. Tampere
Label: Copro Records
Distribution: Casket Music
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: May 30th 2010
Website: Saint To Sinner @ MySpace