Rusty Pacemaker
Blackness and White Light
Style: Stoner / Doom / Gothic Metal
Release date: October 20th 2010
Playing time: 59:02

The artwork of this debut suggests some associations with the first album of BLACK SABBATH. And the contents of the CD do not step out of this suggestion.


RUSTY PACEMAKER is a self-educated multi-instrumentalist who managed to build the house of his music for seven years hard work. His instinct of individualist is so strong that ‘Blackness and White Light’ became a very personal and deeply frank album.


A picture of sounds hypnotizes you just to be absorbed by the artwork and after a door’s  creaking you will hear an acoustic version of the first song of Rusty which now is rather changed… There is no trace of music quotes in his music but the mood from the early releases of BLACK SABBATH is prevailing with its slow tempo and strong guitar. There is much likeness in the way of singing of the deeply personal lyrics without this to be an imitation of the voice of OZZY. I mean that the echos and the glides remind him. Acoustic and piano passages squeeze through the strong guitars. The uniform rhythms (the demo stuff has been without live drums) and a psychedelic moment in the compositions make the sound close to the gothic material of TIAMAT.


Rarely appear female vocals full of psychedelics. The sad criticism of the songs sometimes is transfixed by non-proper pop melodies especially in the fourth and the fifth track. Rusty confesses his influences from BLACK SABBATH, BATHORY and ENRIQUE BUNBURY. I suppose that the more catching melodies are influenced by the last mentioned who is a Spanish pop-rock artist. The final 10-minutes long composition ‘Mother’ effaces the last ability to enjoy life and it is also a continuation in refference to JOHN LENNON’s song ‘Mother’ and METALLICA’s ‘Mamma Said’.


The project RUSTY PACEMAKER meets us with the dark side of the Austrian romanticism. ‘Blackness and White Light’ is a journey which makes you to know yourself. It is a path full of sensitive revelations and purifying discontent.


01.  Cell
  You Never Had
  My Way
  Waiting for Tomorrow
  The Human Race
  My Last Goodbye
  Blackness and White light

Label: Solanium Records
Distribution: Solanium Records
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 3rd 2010