Style: Stoner Metal
Release date: 2010

RUA hails from Utrecht, Holland and started out in 2006. Their debut "00:41:00" has an odd title, but it describes the playing time. The band won a contest, price; their track "Pretty" got repimped by producer Holger Schwedt (Anouk, Within Temptation) and re-mastered/mixed by Sander van der Heide (Rammstein, Guano Apes). Together with 9 other tracks, this remastered and mixed song can be found on this album too.

Musically the songs are stoner with a kind of groove with parts of punk, grunge and electro (Guano Apes, Deftones, Nina Hagen, and Faith No More). The clean female vocals of Nici de Beus are not always that strong, but her aggressive screams are all right and give the songs something extra. The song "Worse" is my favourite because it has a heavy kind of Meshuggah part in it. 

Personally this is not my style of metal, but when I look at it through the glasses of one who is into the genre; I think the final conclusion must be that RUA made a decent and good stoner album. Fans of Guano Apes and bands like Deftones will dig this record and enjoy it.


01. Nonsense

02. Gaze

03. Keep Moving

04. Pretty

05. FFS

06. Smile

07. Nazrat

08. Worse

09. Dika

10. Pretty (Zownd Remix)

Label: Rusty Cage Records
Distribution: Digital Download
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: February 25th 2010