Revolting Cocks
Got Cock
Style: Industrial Metal
Release date: July 1st 2010

Ministry is an (almost) forgotten chapter. But fear not; the Revolting Cocks are there to hold the banner high for the perverse all-night bingers who dig into the silicone pumped cleaveges of the nearest stripper.

Uncle Al and his crew of ravers are back with a new club dancefloor-friendly collection of tunes. In my world, this is of course not music that you sit down and enjoy every second of. It's not in any way for the comtemplative mood.

It hits right home if you're on the dancefloor. It's good for the background when you're cleaning the house or whatever. Tunes like Dyke, Piss Army or Bitch Addictive are extremely suitable for the latter situation. Break something while you're at it.

The mix is powerful as is Al Jourgenson's production of 'Got Cock'. The bass hits you in the stomach on every track and that, my dance hungry friends, is of course good for you. The guitars sound crisp and suit the style - not too heavy, but still with teeth.

I can only say this: Go dance and show them some cock! If I hadn't been an old fart and a family man, I would've.


01. Trojan Horse 6:15
02. Filthy Senoritas 4:48
03. Dykes 6:41
04. Juice 4:51
05. Piss Army 4:30
06. Fuck Monkey 3:57
07. Bitch Addictive 4:47
08. Air Traffic Control 3:38
09. Poke-A-Hot-Ass 4:21
10. Me So Horny 4:33
11. Me So Horny (Remix) 5:10

Label: 13th Planet
Promotion: Soulfood
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 100/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 27th 2010