Sinner's Club
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: December 20th 2010
Playing time: 49:30

Like so many bands, this Italian combo started with playing cover songs of bands like Machine Head, Slipknot and Motley Crue. This debut record 'Sinner's Club' is named after their first demo and is for the biggest part a decent thrash album. Using influences of Kreator, some hardcore elements and clean singing parts there is enough variety.

Not that we hear a lot of new things in their songs, but at least the songs have a head and a tail. The vocals of Daniele Geatani are aggressive for the biggest part and even during the clean singing parts he sounds convincing. In "Mouthwatering Death" he even growls and grunts some. The other members leave a mature and well performance. The tight drums hammer away with ease and the riffs are heavy. "The Noose" starts as one of the softer and slower songs, but halfway the song accelerates and becomes a nice thrash track.

One of the heaviest and fastest tracks is "Caco-Phonic Party" a real thrash orgasm. If you like thrash with clean(er) singing at times, you can check these Italians out. There are worse things you can tease your ears with.


01. Forget Not Forgive

02. Love Song

03. Ad Hominem

04. BOOM!

05. Mouthwatering Death

06. The Noose

07. Head Smasher

08. Caco-phonic Party

09. Useless Existence

10. Always Behind You

Label: Crash and Burn Records
Distribution: Masterpiece Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 24th 2010