Red Warszawa
De 4 Årstider i Nordvest
Style: Fun Metal / Beer Metal
Release date: March 29th 2010

Sixt album from these four Danish beer drinking mongolstrippers (as written in the info).


Red Warszawa released their great debut album "Hævi Mætal og Hass" back in 1996 and followed up with an even betten one "Skal vi lege Doktor ?" in 1998. Both of them are stuffed with slager metal hits like 'Fjæsing', 'Onnanitta', 'Søren Autonom' or Julemandens Selvmordsbrev'. Just the kind of songs that will make every woman leave your party...


After those two albums I sort of lost interest for Red Warszawa, but here with the new album they are right back on track. Tracks like 'Karry', 'Brøndby Strand' and 'Jarmers Plads' will be played again and again during the summer.


"De 4 Årstider i Nordvest" will be a certain hit if you are into fucked up lyrics about beer, pot, sex and political incorrectness.


01. Sut den onde numse

02. De 4 årstider i nordvest

03. Karry

04. Gratis pikkemand

05. Rapanden Rasmus

06. Stram dressur

07. Generationen der ikke må heile

08. Benzin i blodet

09. Skimlers liste

10. Brøndby strand

11. Spil den med Satan

12. Hyldest til møgfisserne

13. Jarmers plads

14. Osama han har vundet

15. Vågn op

16. Begravelsesforretningen

17. Homometeret

Label: Gusten Fætter Records
Distribution: Target Distribution
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: May 10th 2010