Quo Vadis
Infernal Chaos
Style: Death/Thrash/Progressive
Release date: June 18th 2010

Stop, wait, not so fast, come back here, this is not the Canadian technical death band but this version of Quo Vadis hails from Poland. Some of you will be disappointed now, but this band isn't so bad. These thrashers started in 1988 and this is their 8th release. I expected a thrash combo, which would copy many of the well-known thrash acts, but I was mistaken. I found a kind of thrash version of Sabaton.

They indeed have a progressive part in their music that makes the songs more interesting than the standard thrash/death song. I can take the song "Bomb & Fire" as a good example for that - the song has eastern influences mixed in between with the thrashy parts. Another aspect is their lyrics. They don't have just songs of blood, death, fire and anti-religious cursing (are there religious cursing?). Songs with titles like "Blood for Oil" and "East vs. West" speak for itself.

However, what most of the metal fans want is good music and let that be a thing that can be found a lot of on this album. The nice thrashy rhythm in the song "Chaos" is very contagious and the old school thrash roots of the band can easily be picked out. The only thing that can get boring is the vocals of Tomasz "Skaya" Skuza, not the best in the genre, but not completely crap either. The Sabaton kind of melodic refrains the band sometimes uses do not always work out that well, but it brings some variety in the songs. "Evil Dad" opens with a Megadeth kind of singing-line and is more a fast metal song with easy sing a long refrain than a thrash song.

If you have read all the words above, you can conclude that there is variety on this album and that the band has good intentions. The combination of progressive music and thrash doesn't always work out that well, but it is a welcome variation. If you do not have a problem with the vocals, there will be no barriers for you not to buy this one.


01. Caducus

02. Blood For Oil

03. Bomb & Fire

04. Black Horizon

05. Chaos

06. Dreams

07. Cross of Gold

08. East vs West

09. Nimue

10. Evil Dad

11. Russia

Label: Twilight
Distibution: Twilight Vertrieb Gbr
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: June 19th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/QuoVadisPL