Primal Fear
Live in the USA
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: June 4th 2010

My first encounter with this German band wasn’t the best I must admit. Their first two albums couldn’t win me over (at first). But I think it was my colleague Jørgen Ditlev, who introduced me to yet another album with Primal Fear... and suddenly I was hooked.


Well... here we have the brand new live album called ‘Live in the USA’. The package consists of a live CD recorded in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles during the last tour that they did across the ocean.


We are also treated with a live DVD recorded in Switzerland, USA, Brazil and Japan. The DVD is named ’16.6 – All Over the World’ but sadly I can’t tell you anything about the DVD ‘cause I have only the CD in my possession.


The CD contains 14 tracks and Primal Fear really shows how good they are live. They rock, they kick ass, while they are entertaining the audience with excellent tracks such as; “Six Times Dead (16.6)”, “Final Embrace”, “Metal is Forever” and “Nuclear Fire” (among others).


Yes... I really dig the set-list and my only complaint is that the audience is barely audible. At least not when the band is hammering out the songs.


This album is a must buy for every fan of Primal Fear... ‘cause METAL IS FOREVER!


01. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

02. Under The Radar

03. Battalions Of Hate

04. Killbound

05. Nuclear Fire

06. Six Times Dead (16.6)

07. Angel In Black

08. Sign Of Fear

09. Fighting The Darkness

10. Riding The Eagle

11. Final Embrace

12. Metal Is Forever

13. Hands Of Time

14. Chainbreaker

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 10th 2010