Pretty Maids
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: May 14th 2010

My hometown heroes Pretty Maids is a real institution in Danish Metal. Founded in 1982 by guitarist Ken Hammer and vocalist Ronnie Atkins. Some 28 years later, they are ready with "Pandemonium," their 13th studio album. Pretty Maids has always been a force to be reckoned with. Even though the lineup has changed many times over the years, the core of the band has always remained the same. "Pandemonium" introduces a new guy on keyboards, Morten Sandager (Ex-Mercenary).

"Pandemonium" captures the spirit of the "Red, Hot and Heavy/Future World"-era perfectly in modern wrapping, where new guy Morten has had a strong and healthy influence on the sound. But the focal point is still Ken's razor-sharp guitar riffs and leads, and Ronnie's hoarse and unique voice. Pretty Maids has never strayed away from the safe path they set out on so long ago, but has been able to reinvent themselves without repeating themselves. Their sound and trademarks remain the same, and they are easy to pick out in a crowd.

Pretty Maids keeps a high energy level throughout the entire album, something they have struggled with on some of their latest releases. The song writing belongs among their best moments ever. The album is packed with classic Pretty Maids songs, all of them at a very high level.

"Pandemonium" shows the band is as strong as ever, and as a lifelong fan of the band, I must say that they have finally surpassed my expectations. Pretty Maids has made an album that is only just shy of the two "big ones."

Well done!

01. Pandemonium (5:21)
02. I.N.V.U. (4:57)
03. Little Drops of Heaven (4:37)
04. One World One Truth (4:19)
05. Final Day of Innocence (4:16)
06. Cielo Drive (3:53)
07. It Comes at Night (4:16)
08. Old Enough to Know (4:16)
09. Beautiful Madness (4:03)
10. Breathless (4:00)
11. It Comes at Night (5:46)
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 20th 2010