Old Dogs New Tricks
Style: Hardrock/Heavy Metal
Release date: October 1st 2009

Picture has a kind of cult status in Holland and also in several other parts of the world. They started back in 1979 and came with some classic releases such as 'Diamond Dreamer' and 'Eternal Dark' (covered later by Swedish metal band Hammerfall). The long anticipated reunion finally happened at the beginning of 2008 and many festival shows followed.

30 years after they started, the new record 'Old Dogs New Tricks' is a fact. Fortunately they don't do all new tricks, no they stick to the influences they also had back in the early 80's. The songs are still inspired by Saxon, Tygers of Pan Tang, and of course themselves, old -Picture. Is this record outdated then? No, due to the modern technology the album has a very nowadays sound and it is really fresh and heavy. Pete Lovell's raw and powerful voice hasn't changed a lot and the songs are rather strong. They created one of the better real old school hardrock/metal albums with a modern sound.

My favourite tracks are: "Live by the Sword" (not a Slayer cover), the fast track "Who Can You Trust", the heavy riffs song "Choosing Your Sign" and the hymn "Celtic Cross".  I did not expect Picture to be able to record such a nice heavy record with dynamic songs and variety. They play Dokkem Open Air this year and I hope the Old dogs can still do their tricks on stage too.


01. Old Dogs New Tricks

02. Blood Out of a Stone

03. High on Fire

04. Live by the Sword

05. Now It's too Late

06. Just Incredible

07. Who Can You Trust

08. Opposite Attract

09. Choosing your Sign

10. A Better Soul

11. Celtic Cross

12. Never in a Million Years

Label: Marsmountains Records
Provided by: Metal Revelation
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March  22nd 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/pictureholland