Blind Faith
Style: AOR/Hardrock
Release date: September 24th 2010

With Mike DeMeo, Rob Moratti, Ian Crichton, Tony Martin, Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Mikael Erlandsson, Chris Ousey, Steve Overland and Terry Brock play on one album, the expectations are very high. Add Stefan Lindholm, Robin Beck, Stefan Newman, Martin Kronlund, Jim Kirkpatrick, Imre Daun, Dan Helgesen and Henrik Thomsen to it and things can't go wrong for Tom Galley. The first Phenomena is still a phenomenon and this new record could easily be called Phenomena V (considering the 2006 record 'PsychoFantasy' being the fourth).

Tom Galley must have thought: Is there a better way to start your album than with Mike DeMeo on vocals? In a song that sounds as a mix between Whitesnake and Black Sabbath in their Headless Cross period he is the perfect man for the job. I am not going to tell you how each song sounds like. Many different kind of styles and influences pass along, up-tempo, sing-a-long songs, heavier ones such as "Fighting" and potential commercial hits like "I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight". A song in Heart style with Robin Beck on vocals.

If you like AOR, hard rock with 70's, 80's styles, good written songs and superb musicians you will like this album. With artists that all have earned their stripes in bands like Riot, Masterplan, Saga, Black Sabbath, Heartland, FM, Overland, Giant, Primal Fear, Strangways etc. etc. you'd probably can guess what kind of variety you can find in the songs.


01. The Sky Is Falling

02. Blind Faith

03. Fighting

04. Liar

05. I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight

06. Angels Don't Cry

07. If You Love Her

08. House Of Love

09. Don't Ever Give Your Heart Away

10. One More Chance

Label: Escape Music
Promotion by: Connecting Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 12th 2010