Gradual Decay of Conscience
Style: Death/Black
Release date: May 30th 2010

I listen to a lot of music and bands from lots of countries, but Chile isn't a country that passes by on a regular basis. (Besides Criminal). If Perpetuum is the example of the basic quality for most of the bands (Criminal excluded), I won't mind that this is the last one from Chile too. Perhaps this is good enough in their home-town and country, but you will not get any foot aground in Europe.

The average quality of a European death metal band is rather high, compared to them Perpetuum is still at the garage/rehearsal stadium. The sound of the CD is bad, too dark and dull, the drums sound hollow sometimes. The music is a mix of death and black metal, sometimes fast, sometimes bit slower with a groove. But even with a top production this album wouldn't blow all the Iceland ashes out of the sky. The songs lack a good structure and sound chaotic.

Some music has to stay underground, for me this is an example. Readers, who like it that way, can give it a short listen and then decide.

01. Arquetipos

02. Monoliths

03. Unmerciful Despair

04. Into the Deepest Darkness

05. Stigmata

06. Scourging the Foe

07. Through the Path of Eternity

08. Grunts of the Shoggoths

09. Psicosis

Label: Australis Records
Provided by: Lugga Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 11th 2010