Little Immaculate White Fox
Style: Rock
Release date: May 7th 2010

Call Pearl a modern-day Janis Joplin, just ballsier.

Her commanding and sultry voice is infused by her passion for classic/ hard rock, R&B, Southern rock and soul. The songs on her debut, "Little Immaculate White Fox," are familiar yet original.

The stepdaughter of Meat Loaf was engrossed in music at an early age. The lyrics on the hard-rocking opener, "Rock Child," are a true testimony to her childhood. Pearl did backup vocals for her stepfather from 1994 to 2003 and sang with Mötley Crüe.

Pearl is married to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, who is featured on "Little Immaculate White Fox." Guest appearances from Jerry Cantrell and Ted Nugent also grace the album.

The songs range from tender ballads to aggressive rockers. It's accessible, grandiose and bluesy. She mixes sounds from early '60s Rolling Stones to '80s AC/DC. It's truly surprising to find an artist this diverse and talented. The band’s musicianship also deserves a mention. They can rock with the best of them.

"Rock Child," "Nutbush City Limits" and "Check Out Charlie" (featuring Nugent) are pure rockers with attitude. "Mama," with its Southern rock flavor, "My Heart Isn't In it" and "Anything" show Pearl's softer side. Her voice is absolutely angelic.

"Little Immaculate White Fox" is by no means a heavy-metal album, but it's full of catchy classic-rock riffs oozing with melody and soulful, passionate and confident vocals.

01. Rock Child
02. Nutbush City Limits
03. Broken White
04. Check out Charlie (featuring Ted Nugent)
05. Mama
06. My Heart Isn't In It
07. Nobody
08. Worth Defending
09. Lovepyre
10. Whore
11. Anything
Label: Powerage Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: June 26th 2010