Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
Style: (Italian) Symphonic Power Metal
Release date: August 4th 2010

Pathfinder has made an album that any, and I mean any representative from the Italian symphonic power metal scene would be very proud of, and with good reason! But the thing is that Pathfinder is from Poland.

"Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time" is their debut album, and they cover every cliché in the book of symphonic power metal; thousand of layers of music, big, powerful and symphonic compositions, huge choirs, loads of guitar and keyboard duels, harmonies and leads, an angelic operatic female vocalist makes an appearance, the classical inspired parts are ever present, the sound is big and opulent and so on, and on and on...

They are not the tightest band in the world and they beg, borrow and steal left and right, and I still love it! They have created an album that can compete with the best this genre has ever produced, and "Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time" is better that anything the so-called masters from Italy have produced, well since their second album (and I am a big fan of theirs)!

Even after more than twenty turns in my CD-player I still go back to it, pick it up and listen to it from start to finish... This is highly unoriginal and will not win any innovation awards, but it still beats out all the competition in an otherwise very stale genre. I bow down in respect!

01. Deep Into That Darkness Peeping (3:22)
I. Rem Stage
II. Coma
III. Journey
02. The Whisper of Ancient Rocks (5:52)
03. Vita Reducta: Through the Portal (1:00)
04. Pathway to the Moon (6:51)
05. All the Morning of the World (5:03)
06. The Demon Awakens (6:09)
07. Undiscovered Dreams (4:59)
08. The Lord of Wolves (6:39)
09. Sons of Immortal Fire (5:11)
10. Stardust (8:29)
11. Dance of Flames (1:02)
12. To the Land of Immortal Fire (5:05)
13. Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time (10:34)
14. What if... (1:32)
Label: GM Records
Distribution: Rock It Up Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 31st 2010